• Corporate Profile

    Corporate Profile

    With its cutting-edge technology facilities, its products complying with globally acknowledged quality standards, its wide product range, its environmentally friendly character awarded by Istanbul Chamber of Industry, its superior service and solution understanding, Akçansa meets approximately 10% of Turkey’s cement demand.

  • Cement Sector, Local Economy and Akçansa

    Cement Sector, Local Economy and Akçansa

    We build infrastructure of the development through projects getting continentes together. While our domestic cement and clinker sales were realized at a record level of 6.2 million tons in 2015, we also managed to increase our exports to the level 1.4 million tons.

  • Governance and Sustainability

    Governance and Sustainability

    We bond with our stakeholders and create added value together. Akçansa adopts a transparent and accountable management understanding, fully complying with the laws. Within the framework of this management understanding, it aims to generate the highest value for its stakeholders and ensure corporate sustainability.

  • Combating Climate Change

    Combating Climate Change

    We combine our business model with fight against climate change by focusing on energy efficiency. The primary sources used in determining the policies and strategies followed by Akçansa in its works for combating climate change and the areas of implementation to be actualized are the kyoto protocol, international climate summit decisions, local and international regulations.

  • Biodiversity


    We take fragile balance of nature in consideration while operating. Cement production has the potential to create an impact on biodiversity for reasons such as land use, operation of quarry areas, water consumption, waste, and noise. The fundamental principle that Akçansa adopts in its operations is to avoid any permanent negative impacts on biodiversity, which is of great significance for natural life and the society, and in fact to make positive contributions.

  • Occupational Health and Safety

    Occupational Health and Safety

    We adopt occupational health and safety as a life culture. the number of fatal accidents in Akçansa operations for the years 2014 and 2015 is 0. Akçansa continues its preventive works in order to preserve this statistic, it conducts works together with all its concerned stakeholders to ensure that not even one accident occurs.

  • Work Life

    Work Life

    Teamwork is at the heart of our success. As of 2015 yearend, 1,129 employees work at Akçansa operations.

  • Corporate Citizenship

    Corporate Citizenship

    We strengthen our bonds with the society that we live in, and contribute the sustainable development. Akçansa organizes the concrete ideas project competition in order to create consciousness and awareness among the youth, to introduce college students to the industry, and to ensure that students exhibit their creativity and add value to the field in which they were educated.

Occupational Health and Safety

Creating a safe living culture by adopting “0” Accident Policy

Sustainable Supply Chain

Managing sustainable procurement and logistics operations, Conducting business development activities for increasing alternative fuel and biomass use

Climate & Environmental Protection

Conducting energy efficiency and waste heat recovery projects for emission control and reduction of CO2 emissions; increassing alternative fuel and biomass use, Effective water management


Rehabilitated mining sites, Organizing the Quarry Life Award Competition

Sustainable Construction Solutions

Reducing the environmental impacts of products by conducting R&D studies; thus reducing clinker/cement ratio, Environmental product declarations, Working for green building market penetration, Increasing recycled aggrega use

Stakeholder Engagement

Establishing effective communication with stakeholders; for this respect, organizing meetings such as neighbour councils, open door days, leaders of future, concrete ideas competition and carrier days, Conducting practices towards the goal of beşng the most admired employer